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Building on Inclusion.

Every great organization is built on a solid foundation. At Archetype, we believe that creating a culture of inclusion at the onset enables our clients to build the best organizations in their fields, attract the top diverse talent, and positively impact global communities. Through consulting services and ongoing partnerships, we enable organizations to embed diversity and inclusion into their strategies for growth and development.


Archetype is a firm that provides partnerships with organizations to embed diversity and inclusion into their organizational strategies for growth and development. Our focus is primarily on young startups and small companies who seek to develop their businesses and attract diverse employees, partners, and customers. We provide:

Assessment & Planning

Through our holistic assessment and planning services, we identify barriers and develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy that aligns the core business goals of your organization to inclusive policies and practices.

Consulting & Guidance

Our ongoing consulting services ensure that our partners have subject matter expertise readily available as they implement new diversity and inclusion strategies. We use research-based methods to help clients undertake actions for attracting and retaining diverse top talent, and creating inclusive cultures with a clear line of sight from leadership to the individual employee.

Training & Development

We provide training opportunities for your organization’s members at all levels. Workshops, keynotes, and presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization based on the business goals and direction. We also customize assessment of programs to measure impact on the organization.

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